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Want To Know What Lutherans Believe?
(From Lutheran Church Canada)

We Invite you to Worship With Us Sunday Morning:10:20 AM

1st & 3rd Sundays

Korean Service:
2 PM every Sunday



During this time of vacancy we are very fortunate to be served by Pastor Ray Maher EM and Vicar Jacob Valsson.

Kim Sabourin is our Church receptionist and worker extraordinaire.

In the event that you wish Pastoral care or contact, during this time of vacancy, please contact Kim for assistance or anyone on the Board of Elders – as listed on the back of our Church Directory.

Christian Fellowship & Educational Opportunities:

Sunday School:

10:45 AM - after children's message during service

Sunday Adult Bible Classes:

9:00 AM


For a complete listing of during-the-week activities please click on the “Christian growth and service” tab on the bar across the top of this homepage


Adult Membership Classes:

"Scheduled by the Senior Pastor as need arises"


Lutheran Hour Ministries
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